When you read poll results on any particular issue, ask yourself what the results might be if they were sifted by age group.

When you read about our crumbling infrastructure, don't forget who created Deferred Maintenance as a concept, and applied it nationwide for short-term gain while reserving the right to shriek "How could this have happened??" as bridges collapse and gas lines rupture.

When you read about the economy, don't forget about the original economy-ruiners, the architects of the S&L scandal, Enron, the Dot-Com Insanity of the 1990s,and credit-default swaps, and on and on and on, and recognize who those people were.

When you read about endless wars and ineffective, self-congratulatory anti-terrorism policies based on nothing but fear and racism, you know who was and is responsible, and it isn't Millennials.

They're the only generation that demands praise for the accomplishments of their parents, and they're garbage. It's time for them to be isolated, ignored, censured and defeated at every turn. They had their chance and 40 years of total, absolute control over the trajectory of our society, and like the man said in Easy Rider, they blew it.

They blew it.

Stop listening to them. Stop voting for them. Stop taking their ossified bullshit seriously. Their time is done, and if they had any decency they'd shamefacedly admit the horror they're responsible for and withdraw from the public square, but they don't. So it's up to us to keep them from doing any more harm before the last piece of shit dies.