Actual Plea


THIS! I am disabled and if using a walker (as opposed to my wheelchair) it is SO STRESSFUL to be FORCED to cross the street like that. Simply drive on, there is a very specific reason I do not want to cross the street in front of your vehicle and would rather wait until there are no vehicles and I can cross slowly and safely and without getting stressed out. I have a neuromuscular disease and when this happens my body stiffens and it becomes MORE difficult for me to walk when stressed out and also much more likely to fall, which endangers me further.
My peeve is waiting forever for a stream of cars to pass, and THE VERY LAST ONE slows down for me. If I don't smile and wave thank you it's because I've been waiting two minutes for a clear spot when you come inching up. JUST FUCKING GO! There are no brake lights on the front of your car, and I don't trust you to stop. If you want to be a hero, stop for me when a hundred cars are behind you.
If you are wondering why we drivers are careful, perhaps you haven't seen all the other nutjobs who will just walk into the intersection without looking even against the light. Its a car v you. Be grateful for the extra care. You lose in that collision every time.
Demondog, yes that's TOTALLY it! They are not going when waved by because they assume some moron is going to wave them pass then wander in front of them. That makes perfect sense and is totally not a dumb opinion based on nothing. Thanks!
Seriously, what the fuck is this. If you don't stop to let them go you're an asshole who, A) doesn't care about the safety of pedestrians or cyclists, or B) is breaking the "law" (it's not btw) by not stopping. Then the same person complains about having to wait for excessive amounts of time. On the other hand, if you do stop, it's putting too much pressure on the pedestrian to go. What kind of pansy ass shit is that. Who cares if you're tired, in a wheelchair, hands full of doesn't matter. If you don't want to cross, then don't stand at the crossing. Responsibility is a two way street - if a vehicle can reasonably come to a stop then they should, and equally, at that time the person prompting that behavior should engage and make the crossing. You can't have it both ways.
If you don’t want a car to stop don’t stand near the intersection. Problem solved.
What do you mean the same person? Same person as who? This even happens at stop signs. No one is saying don't stop if necessary, but when waived through, go. Don't sit there like an idiot grinning like you are mother Teresa for waiting. Normal people just go. We are not talking about a busy street where you need to know what the fuck is up and act accordingly. And totally, sometimes falling back before the curb works but it doesn't always. If you are waived through, go. Thats how traffic works in a civilization, you signal your intentions. A wave means "go through". If two cars are at a stop and one waves forward to the other, a counter wave is moronic. What is the difference here?
Sometimes cars pull up quicker than walking, if you can believe it. Sometimes you have every intenion of going and your toddler starts freaking out and you need to make sure they don't run wildly into the road. Why is it so hard to just go if motioned? Do you really have an issue with that? Why is that so hard? You all are telling me that when motioned to go by another motorist, bicyclist, or a pedestrian you just can't bring yourself to go? You really are just going to sit there? That's moronic.