Dear Asshole on Highway 26 West,
Yeah you, who couldn’t seem to drive 45 mph during the single trek, but in the passing lane you turn into Mario Andretti on steroids. Every passing lane your egotistical fuck-face sped up to 85 mph keeping everyone behind you so once the passing lane was over we could all drive in a funeral procession back to town after a long weekend. But hey, you were in control and that’s what counts, right fuck-face? Little did you know I ran out of my blood pressure meds and you’re just the person to give me a stroke, due to your complete lack of awareness. In fact, sometimes I pray that I will have a stroke and die just so that won’t have to share space with people similar to yourself any longer. How you made it this long in life, I’ll never know. But please, learn how to drive and go literally fuck yourself — instead of figuratively fucking everyone on the road behind your dumbass. Was this helpful for you?