Ignorant, Pot-Smoking Neighbors


You sound like you got a lot of problems. Second hand smoke headaches probably being the least of them. Hope you survive this obvious personal attack and that your boyfriend doesn't leave you because you are a drama queen. Best of luck.
Of fucking course you cried to us instead of being an adult, knocking on their door and letting them know it bothers you.

Weed is in a legal gray area. Since the OCAA pre-dates legalization, it's not covered under normal non-smoking housing restrictions. So while you've built up this image of intentional rule breakers with a blatant disregard for your well-being, it's far more likely they just want to partake in a legal substance the best way they know how and have no idea it's encroaching on your space. It's illegal to smoke most places (again, weird legal gray area). The vast majority of housing is non-smoking and this city has a very real housing shortage.

It boggles my mind that anyone is so mind-blowingly self-centered their FIRST option is to try to get someone kicked out of their home. You're uncomfortable with even mild confrontation, so you're okay with putting people out of their home all over something they likely don't know is bothering you. And you're patting yourself on the back for it.
You need to smoke a bowl.
You naive little baby. No landlord is going to kick out a tenant for smoking pot for a few reasons, 1) they don't want to deal with filling that apartment again; 2) pot doesn't contain tar and won't stain the walls the way cigarettes do. The smell will go away because it isn't sticking to everything the way cigarette smoke does; and 3) you can bet a large majority of the tenants are smoking pot in their apartments, and you're probably not going to be able to narrow it down to one apartment, and there's no way they are going to start throwing out everyone who they feel smokes pot, which brings us back to point #1.

Now, when you go talk to your landlord and they blow you off with the "we'll look into it" line, you'll know why.
Wow, so much bad information in the posts above to justify their need for the weed. Yes, pot has fucking tar. It will leave an odor and the smoke is not good for you. Believe your myths about how it isn't harmful to inhale just pot smoke into your lungs (any other smoke that is good to inhale?). But FFS don't smoke in the building if it is a non-smoking building. Its smoking. Doesn't matter what you smoke. No, I'm not the IA, but I agree with them. Get a vape pen or something. But don't smoke. We will keep reporting your ass.
Not the OP, but I want to respond to this twofold. First for the OP, headaches sore throat and chest pains? I think this is more of the "I grew up in an affluent suburb of Maryland and was raised a hypochondriac by my helicopter parents but thought Portland would be really great for my craft career" in you. Unless you're a nonsmoker hotboxing with a friend, I call bullshit - you're imagining it OR you need to clean your apartment more. Don't forget the litterbox full of shit and piss you neglect but tell all your friends how you're a pet lover.

On the other hand, I see two people posted about them trying to get them kicked out. That's not what the op said. Reporting and trying to get them kicked out are different things. It's plausible (of course we're missing information because I/A limits how much you can post) that this person has already complained to the neighbor and they don't give a fuck. Why would they right? Further, the legality isn't gray at all. Our interpretations might be fogged (see what I did there?) but law is law, the word is what it says. It's legal to purchase pot in Oregon, but it is illegal and a Federal offense to take it into Washington - another legal state - because legalization is at the state level not federal. Their isn't any grayness in that, it's pretty matter of fact actually, yet it's a good example of why everyone thinks the legalization is confused. To address your statement directly mynamehere, while you're immediately correct, it should be said that the landlord smoking disclosure law REQUIRES a landlord to put in writing the smoking policy on property and in unit BEFORE any lease is signed. Some allow it (not many these days) but most do not. Further, the language used in most leases detail no smoking of any kind. The only loophole on this is if the original language in signing documents specifically state "no cigarette smoking or Tobacco use" (or something like that) - in which case it leaves Marijuana open. In this scenario many properties have issued additional notices that expand on recreational use (should they adopt no-pot policy) HOWEVER in these situations management cannot evict or punish tenants for use until after the tenant re-signs the lease (going back to the confines of the disclosure law) but they can still give warnings and request that they do not do it. Since I've already written too much, I'll also offer their is another loophole on that some properties in Portland have found, which finds that depending on the size/# of units and type and quality of fire suppression system, city fire code can actually supersede ambiguous non-smoking disclosures.
I want my apt to be a sensory deprivation chamber. Absolutely no external stimuli. That includes sight (bright street lights at night), SOUND, and yes, smell. If I had the funds I would build a float tub and watch episodes of Bob Ross all night long while smoking some bud. Fuck my neighbors.
Coyote, yes, people can get evicted if they break their lease. A ban on smoking any substance is commonly included in leases now. There are a multitude of people out there looking for affordable housing, so tenants who don’t follow rules get evicted. In this crowded Portland market, it gives the owner an opportunity to raise the rent once the tenant leaves. The writer originally stated they chose that apartment because there was a strict no smoking clause. It would be better if they approached the offenders, but I am certain everyone in the complex is aware of the rules. Therefore, if the smokers choose to blatantly break the rules, they should pay the price. I disagree with condemning people for wanting a smoke free environment.
Wrong, veva, it's incredibly difficult to evict on suspicion of smoking. Most smokers nowadays are fairly considerate, but some still seem to think they are entitled to piss on their neighbors with their pot and/or cigarette smoke.
Be considerate of your neighbors, consume in private at the NW Cannabis Club.