Right turn


I work around Pioneer Courthouse Square. I have near-miss with a car turning right on red when I a) have the right of way as a pedestrian crossing in the intersection with the light and b) there's big fucking "No Right on Red" sign right in front of their stupid troglodyte faces.
As a pedestrian I always walk behind a car that looks like it's trying to take a right. More often than not they're focused on oncoming traffic to their left. I get that and don't want to be creamed. If I'm going the other direction where I'm in front of a car that just turned right I hustle so I don't hold up traffic. I realize I have the right of way, but it doesn't make sense to doddle. Most people seem patient if someone is slow for a specific reason like wheelchair or elderly, but doddling in general isn't an effective or efficient approach to travel. Besides humans are pretty stupid and distracted generally, and behind the wheel they can be deadly, so I also walk with that assumption in mind.