January or February 2005. It was first period math. I was upset for a number of reasons. I was getting pretty deep into meth. Enough that my grades were slipping and my mom was getting pretty angry and in my face about. Because she was trying to help.
I sat in the back because I like to have a good view of my environment and I also like to avoid people. You sat at the back table next to me. I knew you were going try to talk about how your trumpet or "how i was doing"(like an asshole). I tried to think really loud 'please don't talk to me. Please don't talk to me.'
You barely made a sound, and I turned to you, said "STAB WOUND!" and stabbed you in the hand with my pencil. You got all upset and stormed out. You told the teacher you were going to the bathroom because I stabbed you. I was terrified I was going to be in trouble.
She just said, "good job.". I think she meant it.
Anyway, I know I've apologized in person, but I've always felt bad about it.