I fucking hate you. I hate you when you come to work. I hate you when you sigh. I hate you when you fall asleep at work. I hate you when you harass and annoy other office suites in the building (I know they don't like you - they told me). I hate that you still have a job when you should have been FIRED a long time ago. I. Fucking. Cannot. Stand. You.

You think I'm a bitch. Well, you are correct there. However, that's not why I hate you. I hate you because you are immoral (remember when you figured out a way to cheat the Post Office - yeah, it didn't work), lazy (falling asleep on the job or watching movies), always thinking of another get rich quick scheme (remember that one about manufactured homes??), creepy, and just not a good person. I've met your children. They park in disabled parking spots even though they are not disabled - just lazy. Like you. I wonder where they learned this type of behavior?

So please, before you do get fired, because it will happen, save yourself and save your face. Just quit. Go back to the scheming ways of always looking to make a quick buck. And when you are no longer employed here, I will do my happy dance, and think of you no more. Because I am pretty sure you are the world's biggest piece of shit.