You're pulling out a driveway with 2 babies in back. You so happy to see them with your head cranked up to the rearview. Couldn't really tell if you were baba-baby talking, but I could really tell you weren't looking to your left, right, or straight ahead. Because someone was walking right up to your car and they noticed you not paying attention. What do you do, and if it's not a wave-motion-sorry, then it's a gorgeous smile. If you was checking to see if you'd forgotten to strap the future losers in, then you're a greater idiot pulling out a driveway, not paying attention.

Come on lady! You had enough sense to let some dick enter you to procreate a kid that you raised to walk and hold your hand, so have a puny amount of wisdom to use your phone, or research ahead where you're going, instead of asking questions to everyone on the bus, including driver who's saying he doesn't know and we have to go. This while 5 lights change. Just kill me now with the stupidity you have with ubiquitous technology and resources around.