In the 90s:
Daytime TV (springer, sally-jesse, dr. phil, ricky lake, maury, montel, etc.) was full of "bootcamps" and "tough love" facilities to send your kids to. These places had real consequences. Society was encouraging parents to offset their parental responsibility onto an abusive flunky drill sergeant type—simply because they caught their teenager smoking a joint once.
I got over blaming our boomer parents about a year ago. When you get closer to 30, you'll probably stop thinking of the boomer generation as this malevolent evil force. You'll start entertaining the idea that they were just as much a "victim" of consumerism as we all are.
Because it was available, they were just given the opportunity to own property.
They were second generation mass-media victims. Post 1920, the United States has operated as a perpetual consumerism generator. Our economy depends on a low cost assembly line with planned obsolescence built into every product. This is the type of consumerism with which the modern worldwide economy operates.
They were promised a spouse, a home, 2.5 kids, a gazebo (or equivalent out building), and a plot of land; size determined TBD by their newly-founded suburban H.O.A.s
Our generation was expected to be "culturally patient"; meaning that those of us who had a problem with the contemporary cultural climate were encouraged to simply either "just grow up," or "just deal with it".
Reductively, I understand blaming the "new model" for being inexperienced and naive. Just recognize that you and your thinking are the "old model," and either a Blade Runner bounty hunt, or Carousel-type explosion of obsolescence is the best you can hope for.