Speak for yourself Steven Humphrey. I read the newsblast this morning and couldn't disagree more. Speaking of entitled asses - I know the Mercury is in SW not far from the homeless ground zero, but are you penning these opinion pieces from the office or the confines of your suave overpriced apartment [HAAAAAA-HAAAAAA-HAAAAAA!!! Oops... sorry to interrupt.—Steve] away from the crime and tweaked out street walkers? I'd like to know what everyone else at the Mercury office thinks. Tim Boyle is only putting written word and media attention to a problem business leaders have been talking about for years. As a tenant in NW Portland, I couldn't be happier - but of course, just like the rest of the news outlets in this city, the Mercury doesn't cover the vast multitude of rape and sexual harassment, car break-ins, robbery, violent attacks, and filth that exists in NW and SW Portland. How do you answer for that Mr. editor-in-chief? Instead of putting a business leader on blast for trying to affect change (and hold the city responsible!? how dare he), how about you arrange a meeting with the Portland Business Alliance and find out how Downtown businesses are feeling/coping, and then report that in the paper you edit?