This game is called, "When is it okay to park in a disabled parking spot?"

A) I'm only gonna be a minute, maybe two.

B) Other disabled spots are available, so I will just park in this one - I'm only gonna be a few minutes. What's the big deal?

C) I'm a total asshole. It doesn't matter how long I am going to be.

D) I'm just fucking lazy.

E) When I have a placard that allows me to legally park in this spot.

The correct answer is E!!!! Shocking, I know. But some people just don't get it and continue to park in the disabled parking spaces anyway. Being only a minute or two, using your hazard lights, parking in the loading area associated with disabled parking spots, delivering food, and/or being a selfish prick aren't good enough reasons to park in those spots.

Also, if you see someone with a disabled parking sticker parked in a disabled parking spot, and the "appear" fine to you, don't write a nasty note and leave it on their windshield! Some people are fighting things you cannot see! The vetting to get a disabled parking sticker is extreme. Just because someone has two working legs does not mean they are not disabled somehow.

So, please, stop being a fucking selfish fucktard. You are able bodied. You can park in another spot 5 feet away, and walk. Chances are you are an obese American and you could use the extra 10 steps. Don't be a dick.