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Thanks for this. I am disabled and this is an ongoing fight. One thing to note, however, is that it is not that hard to get a placard and many people have placards who don't need them (all they need is a doctor who will write a note). Also, blue placards mean permanent disability, while red placards mean temporary disability. Also, since moving to Oregon two years ago, I have noticed that 99% of the time the vehicles parked in the handicapped spots are so large, I mean SO FREAKING HUGE TO BE PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY DISABLED PERSON TO ACTUALLY GET INTO AND OUT OF THEM and I watch OLD WHITE PEOPLE GET IN AND OUT OF THEM EVERY DAMN DAY. I am 46 years old and I have a progressive, degenerative neuromsucular disease (one that prevents me from driving, so my mother drives). I can't tell you the number of times we get looks or people staring at us as my mom gets out of the car, like they are going to start lecturing us about parking in a disabled spot when we absolutely don't deserve to be doing so. Then my mom (who is nearly 70 and 4'10") drags my wheelchair out of the trunk of our car and they walk away in a huff, seemingly miffed that they didn't get to give their lecture. And yet they never seem to care about the old white men in their 10 feet tall pickups or the old white couples in their GINORMOUS SUVs parking in disabled parking and walking just fine and filling their vehicles with the obscene amount of crap they've bought at whatever store we're at before they literally CLIMB UP INTO their vehicles and drive away.

I wish every time I see an able bodied person parked in a disabled parking spot that they become severely physically disabled and require the spots they so brazenly use because they are lazy, entitled assholes.
don't be a dick
Makes me think of that scene in Me Myself and Irene when Hank sees the guy get out of his car without the placard and trashes it then sees the same man helping this old feeble dude out of the pharmacy and into the car.
60% of the time handicap spaces are empty all of the time.