Anonymous Dec 14, 2017 at 2:21 pm


Sounds like that dude was pretty tolerant. Also sounds like you're a bitch.
You sound like a complete garbage human. 1) No spacial awareness. 2) No respect or consideration for people. 3) Result to cheap insults over things that are completely out of someone's control. 4) The cherry on top - you're so far up your own ass that you think you are unquestionably on the right side of this story.
"he's a well known dude, visiting from out of town"

Based on your having typed this sentence without a hint of irony, I feel pretty confident in believing that you're just fucking insufferable.
IA sounds like the rude one who can't control her liquor. First, no one in the bar gives a shit whether your friend is well known. Second, nobody likes assholes hovering over them and I can imagine that you make one of those screechy laughs that make people's skin crawl. Third, don't let your shit touch other people and when it does, be courteous and say 'excuse me'.
@CoyoteGrin - wait a second, so her "well known" friend from out of town is from Beaverton??!! Pfffffwwhaaa?? That's too funny. What a dumbass!
My god OP you sound like such a treat. Go fuck yourself, stay aware of your surroundings, and most importantly go fuck yourself with a fork over that bit about your loser friend being a “well known dude, visiting from out of town”. Like that matters? That justifies your actions?

Please do us all a favor. Don’t go out anymore. Especially when you have so many well known dude friends! Stay home! Dummy!
@bobthemuppet, Ian Karmel lives in Los Angeles now, but yes, he's from Beaverton.
@CoyoteGrin - thanks. I looked him up and was like "huh?" "whaaa?". If this Ian dude hangs out with shitheals like IA then I'd never see one of his shows. Good going, IA. By association you hurt your "out of town friend's" pathetic career.

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