Anonymous Dec 16, 2017 at 11:31 pm


Yeah, OLCC, you should definitely "holla" at this anonymous poster. Because you regulate cocaine ingested by alcohol servers, right? OP, if you really give a shit about anyone's health or safety, your first call on either of these should have been 9-1-1.
You see someone that messed up getting into a car and do nothing? How about try stopping them? Or if you're too passive for that, call 911. Anonymously complaining to a newspaper is pointless.
Sounds like many a strip club. Maybe choose finer exotic dancer establishments. Or stay home and watch porn by yourself.
what a fucking square. And in terms of the drunkards who couldn't stand not driving - did the bartender actually know they were driving? Yeah law and ethics and all that shit come in to play, but if the bartender doesn't know they are driving, the limits are a bit different. People get trashed at bars every day and walk home or hang out in the neighborhood, the only thing a bartender can do is watch and see if they set car keys on the bar or talk about driving. A bartender doesn't have time to ask every patron "and are you driving today?" - plus no one would drink there if they did.

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