Another job I could do if I wasn't a felon.

You know when you have the kind of issues that you can't even say them out loud, because you don't want the people around you to know how much and what kind of piece of shit you actually are?

You know when each piece takes explaining and the patience to attention span ratio is insufficient for even mundane conversations?

You know those times when all you want to do is totally remove yourself from existence for this moment, step back and fully observe your surroundings, so then maybe you can make one right move, but you can't because -work.?

Those days when you feel obligated to apologize for being too depressed to participate in mandatory socializing. Now everyone hates you because they think you hate them. Bastard.

And then they treat you like shit because you treated them like shit, but really you just felt like shit and were trying to avoid making them feel like shit. (Law of state transference/yogurt) Who cares though, cause you started it and you're an asshole because they said so and that means it's true. Haha