Whenever I hear someone say they do "freelance" work, I immediately lose interest and respect.
I don't know what that means. I don't know where one begins to find freelance work.
It mostly says to me, they work sometimes, a few hours here and there, which is basically unemployed, sitting in coffee shops, looking very busy on a computer.
its kind of like someone saying, "I do a bit of this and that." Or "I do odd jobs here and there."
Which for me, means they do nothing.
it also means for me, that they have someone helping you with finances, a significant other, parents, or some kind of inheritance.
If average rent is $1500-$2500, I would guess them to live alone as a freelance artist, there is no way possible to afford that kind of living along with every expense on the wage of a freelance artist. they could live in shared housing and I'd still find it unbelievable for someone to afford a living off a few hundred bucks a week.