I'm the kinda person I gots to have to look at everyone and see what they're up to, who they are, what they're wearing, if they're attractive... Wherever I am, I gotta see who I'm sitting next to, maybe they're a terrorist? Precautions. I simply have to look at everyone. I may know you. I have to. I can't be stopped. I'm sorry I'm not inhibited for it either. Sorry that it bothers you. I turn my head and watch everyone walk by, every time someone passes me on the street, if I'm at the grocery store or restaurant, especially the ATM, or deli, I gotta see who's behind me. I look at others around me if I'm having a conversation to see if they listening in. I stop reading to see who was that went walking by. Usually because my own self validation and assurance that I'm real. I'm paranoid as fuck too wondering if someone is judging me. If I think they're thinking or talking about me, I look, sometimes say "what are you talking about?" Same for food. Especially at Foodcarts, I'm going crazy seeing all the food go by. Anywhere I am, I could be having a conversation and you'd see my eyes go where the food goes. I've been called on it before. It won't stop me. If I could only taste and smell. Don't get mad at me, if someone can check out my ass and tits, I can look at your food and face.