It's a Cover Up


Hmmmm. Person gets a tattoo to display something to the world. It's about getting attention, especially if it's "a large tattoo on the front of my neck." This isn't about you having a physical disability, it's about you being ashamed to admit that you had a white supremacist symbol emblazoned on your body for the world to see.

You say you were a stupid kid. We all have to live with the bad choices we made, whenever they were made. That's called life. Yours are on view for the world to see and ask about.

Imagine, if you were truly no longer a white supremacist, how powerful it might be to eat shit and explain that to a person. No? Not willing to do that? This isn't about you being a stupid kid. This is about you being a white supremacist who no longer wants to be publicly identified as such. I hope everyday you are made to remember the disgusting racist you most likely still are. Not buying your BS diatribe. You made your bed. Lie in it.
I don't know y'all. I'm covered, will answer questions but sometimes you're not in the mood. What makes it worse is when people don't accept your answer. I'm not joining forces here, but people have a major sense of entitlement when it comes to invading a tattooed persons private space. Dudes creep on girls hard, every one thinks they have the right to touch you even when they don't know you. You could be sitting having a beer with a friend and all of a sudden some rando wants to have a 45 minute conversation about the one tattoo design they almost got. It's one thing to be nice to an interested person, it's another to be at the beck and call of everyone. If you think making the choice to get tattooed yields your right to politely keep the conversation short, then fuck you.

As for the I/A. I would have just told her. Also, REALLY?!?