I have a preoccupation with prison. At this point I think I'm destined for it. I'm a complex person like everyone else. Full of anger and rage, but I find things to be happy about. I completed three years of college studying philosophy because it was the only thing I liked to talk or think about at the time. I dropped out because I can't stick to anything. I have a violent disposition, bi-polar, happy go lucky then I want to murder. I wish I didn't cover myself in tattoos, joining the military sounds like my place. Not to kill, but to die in a way other than growing old. I spent a year and a half in a child psychiatric facility in Oregon City. I liked it actually. It's where I grew to dislike people and I became desensitized. Other kids would come in who survived suicide attempts. I'd get into fights with them and tell them they suck because they couldn't do it right. Days and days strapped to a bed. As an adult, several short bits in county for fights. I wish Trump and Kim would nuke each other already. I want civilians running through the streets with AK's. I want to die watching the burn come for me. Or, maybe I find myself in the institution permanently. Have fun trolls. I'll be eating my hot dogs thinking about my shitty neighbor and how easy it would be to make him disappear