Oh. My. God. You, by dint of having 100 American dollars to spare a year, qualified for Amazon Prime! You're incredible. You can get goods and services and meals delivered to you in 2 hours or less. Maybe you're a neck beard from Amazon or Microsoft, but not always - maybe you're a grad student, or a house husband, maybe you're doing your part in the non profit sector. It doesn't really matter because you've left the realm of mortals and become a god, the world at your fingies. And so when I, one such mortal trying to earn enough money to eat and pay rent by being an Amazon driver, come to your door with that stuff you were too lazy to get at the store, you have every right to be rude to me or not tip me or treat me like I'm an ignorant rube who exists to do your bidding in 2 hours or less. You're right, I don't need your $5 tip as much as you do - you're saving up to buy a new Oculus Rift or some shit and I just want to buy food for my cat. And you're right not to look me in the eye, or say "thank you" to me - it might give me the idea that a human could be worth something. Dangerous shit. Remember, you're a god now. It's a god's right - nay, responsibility - to crush men down into worms and make them thank you for it. That's the power of Prime.