Having Amazon Prime Doesn't Make You a God


I feel ya on the rudeness, 60% of the time people suck all the time. But I gotta say it, we're supposed to tip Amazon drivers now!?

I consider myself a thankful person. I tip well when a person is rendering a service I consider worth a tip. But where does the tipping end? Am I supposed to tip the mailman (excuse me, mailperson) when I see them? Am I supposed to go to my apartment office and leave an envelope with 5 bucks in it and tell them "here, give this to the Fedex driver who refuses to knock on my door." Or maybe I can call Amazon directly and say "hey can you give me the name of the driver who delivers to my complex, I'm a prime user and I'd really like to thank them for leaving my shit on the doorstep in the rain, what do you think that's worth a 25% gross value tip?"

I/A, you're just as fucking entitled as the people you're delivering too. A fucking tip? I'm a prime user (mostly for the shit TV shows) and you'll always get a friendly thank you, but I'm sorry friend, you'll never get a fucking tip out of me for a CD I bought for 5.99

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Cassie, that isn't true in all cases. I know you'd like to think we live in a mecca, but it's not exactly accurate. Not 2 weeks ago I went to MM and second avenue to no avail. 3 days later I had it in my mailbox. I support local when it makes sense. But it's not really fair to write off all E-business.