I was watching a young buck letting an old lady (was it mom, aunt, grandma?) carry 3 backpacks while he walked behind and watched with his hands in his pockets? Doesn't entirely surprise me.
You're a car pulling up to a stop sign when we are driving past you yet you keep driving forward towards us? Yes, there is a stop sign and crosswalk.
You're gonna be that guy standing in the aisle at movie theater, not letting anyone go by, not moving, passive aggressive, intimidating people to sit behind you. Lotta room in the front yall.
Dude is charging his phone on sink in bathroom. I'm washing my hands. Dude says thanks for splashing water all over the place. Do I need to say more?
I open door to some resistance and hear a voice say, if you can't move the door, that means someone is sleeping here. I say why are you sleeping in front of a door.
The sign says pull, so no need to push your baby carriage to open the door over and over. The reason I was staring at you was not because of the 13 year old girls that you were so proud of, and made the excuse be as to why I was staring at you, but because you were blabbering on your phone, swearing loudly and digging your nose all the while they were climbing on the park bench, loud, disruptive, and littering. You're the damn adult that is without clue. Though, you'd never know. All of you.