Quimby @ 23rd car prowler


What you don't realize is that you are both victims of the same system. Keep at each other's throats, people, and pay no attention to those destroying the country and robbing you all blind. I am sorry you got robbed. I am also sorry that we live in a society that believes people are worthless and it's perfectly okay to use them, over work them, manipulate them, allow them to be homeless, hopeless, jobless, without health care, without food, discard them like trash, debase them, murder them, allow them to die because they have no money or because of the color of their skin, etc.

All of the hassle you are going to have to go through because someone robbed you is a drag. Imagine how shitty one's life has to be to rob someone of their belongings.

Hopefully, you will move forward, live in a new place (where btw there are going to be desperate people living there, too), obtain a new computer, and continue on with your life. And maybe, just maybe, instead of writing a tirade on IA about what a piece of shit other people are, you might actually be grateful for what you have and develop some empathy. Have you learned any lessons?

Did you have to leave your stuff in the car? Could you have locked it in the trunk? Imagine being homeless and having everything you own in your car and having your car stolen. Imagine living in a car with your children, no job and no food and certainly no computer. Do you really have no concept of your privilege writing about how your belongings were stolen while you were at yoga class? While you had a car to borrow from someone? While you had a place to stay with a friend when you had no place to live? As you prepare to move somewhere else?

Seriously, do you ever walk around and not notice the remains of a broken window? No, well then you are an ignorant resident of Portland. Did you leave a backpack in plain sight in a car and think, that’s no problem, Portland’s cool? Either you watch too much Portlandia, or are ignorant at best, or just plain stupid. I’ve had stuff stolen from my car, but that was years ago before it was a daily, no hourly occurrence here. And that was a bunch of years ago.
How dare you imperil the houseless with such temptations as moderately secured private possessions! How cruel of you to expect basic societal civility of others!
If the person who stole your things was sober I'm sure they'd care about your story.
Why did you leave your backpack with all those things in your car, in plain view? Cars have trunks. How hard is it to pop open the trunk and put your shit in there? Dummy. It’s your own fault. Next time you want to go “ get chill”, make sure all your possessions aren’t in plain view in an empty car. That way when you’re all “chilled” out you wont come back to find your shit missing. DUMMY
How did you even write this I/A without a computer? I SMELL A FAKE.
On the upshot, your writing is terrible. Maybe they did you a favor?
I am sorry someone did that too you. That is way shitty. Don't listen to all the negativity on here, these people are just Portland idiots at their finest.
Actually no, you dotard, I live in PDX. Everyone knows BnL is from a shithole.
Sorry that happened to you IA. Remember next time you find yourself in a similar situation to lock valuables away. Increased crime is associated with the explosion of homelessness that's plagued the community and sadly it's not likely to get better any time soon. Keep your head up - you'll get through this setback.
Wait.... you left a backpack in a parked car in Portland, Oregon?

Stupid is as Stupid does.