The thing about it is this: most of it I don't mind. I mean, what I would be doing would be my choice, so it would be entirely my decision what work I'm getting stuck with. Sure, shit like, shoveling shit, or picking trash and bottles off some recycling line, or heavy labor and lifting of concrete in the mud, rain, and cold, or taking orders from some bitch ass, or hearing ideas from some idiot running a company, might suck. Again, all my choice what work I'm doing. I can say yes or no. What I can't say no to is who I work with. Sure, I could quit but that defeats the purpose of finding and needing a job. The people I work with always suck harder than the work I have to do, all the time! I can't run or hide from all these idiot coworker slouches with stupid ideas and lazy ass work ethics. And there have been so many idiot coworkers through these years that it becomes intolerable at times. And, I like to get along, and I like to work together, and I like to be on teams. It usually other idiots that don't think this way that are the most problematic. I remember someone saying how it's hard to hate the person smiling on the job all the time. Well, that's not true. It's possible if that person keeps fucking up their job.