Next Holiday Please


Wow you really took one for the team there! What's next, you gonna clean up their fruit tree this summer? Maybe you should break in while they're not home and clean their house for them?

The proper answer to your child's query would be, "Different people have different ways of doing things. Some people may not understand everything we do, but that's what's so great about living in a free country! Everybody has the right to celebrate the way they want to."

What you taught your 4 year old was wrong. You have no right to go on someone's property and alter their house decorations. My fiance's brother died on Christmas and they leave up Christmas decorations until his birthday in March as a remembrance. If I caught you pulling down those decorations your kid would have learned a very different lesson that day.
IA -- who asked ya? CREEPY.
Fuck sake! Mind your own business! Maybe they liked having the decorations on the tree. Way to set a creepy example for your kid.
You obviously felt shitty enough to write this IA. I think with that and everyone's reaction should sit with you awhile. Totes fucked to do that.
AHAHAHHA. You're a walking Portlandia skit. CHRISTMAS IS OVER!!!
Maybe their kid wanted Christmas to keep going. Maybe you can take their leaves and mow their lawn next and get an extra long hose so their lawn stays green all summer. I promise Christmas lights aren’t lowering your home value but you certainly do have a pretty shitty value system!
do something like that at my house and my dogs will eat you.
I hope that neighbor teaches his or her kids to beat the fuck out of nosy trespassers.
So... you trespassed on someone else's property, stole there things only to give them back, just to prove a point? You sound like a shitty neighbor.
Wow...invasion of privacty, tresspassing on private property, theft...those are the fist charges this person could have you up for. Stay out of other peoples business and off there property.