If You Don't Like It, GTFO!


Whining about the whiners. Classic!
The only people i ever hear complaining endlessly about Portland (and people moving to Portland) are Oregonians, specifically those who live in Portland or who used to live in Portland "before it got ruined by everyone else."
I hear endless complaints about PDX from all sides, not just transplants but also natives. I agree with IA -- get the fuck out if you don't like it here.
A whiny, native Portlander? Folks, we've found a unicorn! Looking forward to next month, when another version of this generic, tired rant is posted in I/A again by a "native" who thinks they are special sauce by accident of being born here.
I remember when saying you were a Native Portlander it meant you were actually Native with ties to one of the many tribes in Oregon.

How fun it is to watch white people in North Portland talk about gentrification and Natives vs Transplants, but none of those fucks were at the Pow-Wows at Delta Park back in the 90's
"Native Oregonian"? So, like... someone from Ashland who MOVED to Portland like the rest of us??