I wonder if any of the abusers will come forward on their own. I think that might be a significant action.
The victims are absolutely right to demand safety, comfort, and an equal voice in molding the elements around them.
I just don't know if we're improving things or just switching sides. Arguably an improvement anyway. Their turn to do the beatings I guess.
I'm not smart enough to write this correctly. My influence is minimal at best. I see anger and pain all around me. The best I can do not to add to it seems to be locking myself away and keeping my head down when I have to go outside. I was an abuser. I did harm to others. Forget the circumstance or motivation. The result was harm.
I'm not sure what my options are for doing any good at this point. A thousand more apologies would be just as useless as those that preceded.
Doctors, lawyers, senators and celebrities. Will any come forward on their own? Throwing away their careers and reputation for truth and progress towards equality?
#metoo is the A side
#guilty is what's next