I always get everything I want. The reason I can not drive is because I get driven everywhere.

I live a life of luxury. My home is perfect.

I even have the perfect partner. Funny, intellectual and gorgeous. Everybody loves him as soon as they meet him but he has a temper. He has hit me before in the past and raped me twice. I can not remember the second time as I kept on blacking out but he told me I enjoyed it and I believed him.

I caught myself watching him once, while he slept. He is such a beautiful man and I can remember thinking that our children would be beautiful. That they would have a life of luxury, with nothing to worry about. So I stayed.

Recently an incident happened at work between him and two female members of staff and now his colleagues are avoiding him. Which means he is taking it out on me. I feel like this illusion of us having this perfect life is shattering and I don't want it to. Everybody in the neighbourhood talks and I hate the questioning looks, the pity in their eyes and the stares. I just jog in the house then jog out making sure to keep my eyes firmly on the ground.