Barbie and Ken


You only have one life, and hopefully a long one. You will find that the feeling freedom and peace far outweigh the fear of leaving, doubt in yourself and financial stability that currently plague you. You will be surprised by those that stand by you when you speak up, and you will see that only his life is the one that falls apart when you leave his ass, take all the assets, and when he gets fucking fired from his job (I'm sure you could speed this along but I would wait till the assets are divided and he doesn't feel desperate) and has to live in a studio apartment and eat cup of noodle. Then when you think back to his gorgeous face and false charm you will see him as he really is, a pathetic excuse for a man who has to look at his own disgusting reflection for the rest of his life. Please call the National Domestic Hotline 1−800−799−7233. Or reach out to a loved one. You'll be surprised by how many people probably hate him already.
DTMFA - Dump the motherfucker already. Save a little money, pack a bag, and get out. Then file a police report and file for divorce. You will be so much happier.
Everyone is being trolled, this is identical to Nicole Kidman's character plot in Big Little Lies.