Animals Are Not Property


Well, why didn't anyone explain this to me before? I'm convinced, sign me up!
...and FYI, you had me at "feces laden"...
It brings me joy to boil the bones of chickens into a nutritious broth that fortifies my bones and soul. I will boil your bones someday, I will eat your soul.
For those of us humans who eat like humans... eat foie gras if you haven't yet, it's delicious!
Look at all the hyper triggered meat eating snowflakes. Modern industrial agriculture is definitely a horror factory. I don't have a problem with eating meat. I do have a problem with the way we currently produce it. Even if you don't care about the cruelty, we're all going to have a massive problem on our hands with the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
god, evolution or visiting aliens--take your pick--made me an omnivore. i am very grateful since it is a huge evolutionary advantage. who am i to argue with god, darwin or our galactic overlords? veganism is an artifact of affluence and privilege. i've never heard of a starving person who rejected meat on ethical grounds. if a disaster occurs and real hunger ensues, you'll eat whatever you can find too and be glad to have it.
I wonder how much life was killed to provide the power for you to post your rant online? How many animals were harmed or killed in the production of the energy that runs your home, which allows you to sit on your couch and post your rant online?

The guilt must be exhausting.