Dear Passive-Aggressive Pottery Witch that I met at the art fair last weekend,
You claim to have an art degree on your website and claim to know fuck all about making coffee mugs, yet you fail to tell customers that your home-brew glaze is potentially toxic. I double-dog-dare you to tell customers what happens when they go home with their handmade soup bowl with the cheapo home-brew glaze and put it in the microwave or in the dishwasher. YOU FUCKING KNOW that it gets tiny cracks called crazing that allow yummy things like lead to seep into the food.
Then you have the nerve to act offended when someone like me who actually cares about customer safety asks you if you use commercial glaze, and what brand it is. I use Mayco or Amaco @ about 45-cents an ounce. It's a lot like buying top shelf vodka or weed.
EVERYONE in the ceramics industry knows what "lab-tested & certified food safe" means on the labels of commercial glaze and why it's important to not fucking poison your customers with home-brew cheapo glaze, or glaze that's not certified lab-tested.
I hope a house falls on you.