The Married Man


No one feels sorry for someone who fucks someone else's spouse. Men don't want to leave their wives, they want to fuck other people and keep their married lives, too. You are angry at the wrong person.
You weren't too good for him then, and you're definitely not now. You both are shitty people.
Being The Other Woman (or The Other Man) is a mental illness. The sneaking around, the lying to yourself and others, the tolerance for intimacy with someone who is violating the trust of his/her Significant Other -- it's sick. Be glad it's over. Now maybe you can begin to heal. Is she still married to him? Poor thing. I bet he spreads diseases with his promiscuous pecker. What made you think you were his only glory hole?
You slept with a married man and it didn't work out? Oh, man. You are probably the first woman that has ever happened to you. Some seriously bad luck there. But no worries. It will probably work out better with the next married man you sleep with!
Guess what: I'm all for affairs if people want them. So you don't get condemned here because I'm some scandalized christian clutching pearls in horror and saying, "Oh, the sacred sanctity!"
I condemn you for being yet another dumb broad of hundreds of thousands who delude themselves that a man should leave his wife.
For *her*. Wahhhahahahaha!
Nah, you have the delusion that you're too good for anyone.
You're just average, or, apparently, below it.
Look you knew his wife was occupied with the presidential campaign, yet that didn't mean he was going to leave her to do foundation work with you in Haiti.