To all the assholes telemarketers who call me 20 times a day. You try to spoof me by hijacking other peoples private numbers. You have stressed me out to the point that I am declaring war on you. My cell provider says it can do nothing. The government says it can do nothing because you hide in some shit hole country somewhere. Well I have acquired a sonic weapon of massive hearing destruction, it bounces off satalites, it travels around the planet at the speed of light. It can hit anywhere on earth where you hide with pin point precision and it causes permanent hearing damage. It only cost $7.00 and does what the phone companies and governments with all their billions of $$$$ can't or won't. I have wrecked the hearing of several of you assholes. I know it works because you don't call back. I hate your stinking scamming assess. My only regret is that I don't have a whistle loud enough to blow your criminaly retarded brains right out through your stinking assholes. It's war, so call motherfuckers call. I am waiting!!! Signed, SONIC WARRIOR