Ladies and Genitalmen


Yep. Vagina Monologues is acted by members of the community. I wanted to get a line as sexy as I felt, so l tried out. Tryout people gave me a printed sheet with stuff about childbirth. Gross.
I don't have children, want children, or particularly like children. The greed to breed comes out of a long list of selfish motives. I'm with Lily Tomlin, who said "There's nothing natural about childbirth."

But jejune idiots at Washington State University, where TAs have to tell *university* science class students to proofread out their lab reports for spelling and grammar blunders, apparently think vaginas over 30 are only for squeezing out babies. If they're stupid enough to believe that, they have to live by their own beliefs. Become tired old mommies and leave the men for the tight ones.

But maybe they won't get old. They'll die young so they can leave a pretty corpse.
Or maybe not so pretty.
Only in Portland would a grown man and a grown woman complain that talking vaginas don't pay enough attention to them.
they probably assumed you were old enough and affluent enough to buy your own condoms.
Must be part of the Pound Me Too Crowd