I am a humble delivery boy. I'm responsible and a hard worker, and it just so happens that literally the only job I can find right now that works with my class schedule is in food delivery. I work for multiple companies, because I need to have 2 jobs to barely scrape by with my rent, even though I moved out of Portland to save money.
I know that snow sucks. Believe me, I have to drive in it. In fact, if I refuse to I can get fired. Some people must assume I'm being paid extra, or perhaps volunteering to drive in dangerous icy conditions but alas! I get paid even less now that one of the companies (cough cough grubhub) decided to stop paying drivers above minimum wage and gave me a 2 dollar an hour pay cut. So no, I do not want to be out possibly risking my life or my car for your fucking food, but I do because I must.
So the least you can do is FUCKING TIP ME.