I'm the one responsible for refilling the toilet paper, and paper towel in these bathrooms. Through the week, during slow weeks, where we don't have other visitors or events, there's no more than 10 people using the bathrooms. Maybe 20 and that's generous. I'm not saying you're the only one using the products, but I am saying you are new here, and this occurrence did not happen before. Especially when I see you going to the bathroom 4 times a day. You use just about a roll of toilet paper in a week. There are 2 rolls of TP available to each stall, and 3 bathrooms to choose from. You use a shitload of paper towel to do who knows what with, where the trash was empty on one day, and 3 days later, it's full of paper towel.
So, look lady, what's your problem? Is it a conservation issue, or do you wipe your business down real good?