I get all upset and stuff cause I spend so much time alone.
Today I was stalking some of my old friends on Facebook. They all seemed just shallow and disappointing.
This has happened before. I let myself get absorbed into a group, that I really only marginally like in the first place, but I still get caught up in all their opinions and shitty behaviors.
It's true, I wish I had a little more to look forward too, but I find myself once again confirming the correctness of my decisions. Maybe not through the best methods. I definitely lost face. I like that I have reason not to return.
Fuck it.
Do some push ups.
Read some comics.
Make a sandwich.
Take naps with the kitty.
It's not paint by numbers. If you choose the wrong path, just turn the page back and don't tell anyone your character has already died of gangrene.
Is it weird to prefer dog shaped meatloaf? As apposed to, like penguin or rhinoceros