My beautiful, leashed dog and I were walking on the sidewalk on SE Division At 8:30 on a Saturday morning when you and your friend jogged up behind us and shouted for us to get out of your way. We tried to get out of your way but he was sniffing a trash can and it took a nano second. There was A 3’ area to the left of the garbage can he was sniffing, and you could’ve jogged past us easily if you’d gone 2’ to the left, past the garbage can. I poInted this out and you yelled that my dog could’ve waited before sniffing the garbage can, which he could have IF he was psychic and knew you would be jogging up behind him and that you own the sidewalk. I replied that he’s a dog and you yelled, “YOU live with him!” I’m a considerate dog owner and pick up his poop and always get out of the way of pedestrians WHEN I SEE THEM. You are not entitled to force me and my dog to instantly jump out of your way. Next time, go around the obstacle in your way, or at least be gracious. I’ve lived here, peacefully sharing the neighborhood, for 26 years. My dog is polite and not aggressive. You could learn a lesson or two from him.