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Those joggers are demonstrating the side effects of underdeveloped genitalia.
I/A, those are the type of people to whom the only proper response is: "I'm going to fuck your mom, and send you the videotape!"
America’s 83 million pet dogs produce some 10.6 million tons of poop every year. That’s enough to fill a line of tractor-trailers from Seattle to Boston, one waste removal service has calculated. Add in litter from our more than 90 million cats, and you’ve got enough pet waste to fill more than 5,000 football fields ten feet deep.

Dogs and cats are gross. Just an FYI.
Everyone poops, Douglas. Although you do sound like you haven't had a proper bowel movement in years.
suggestion--get an aggressive ass biting dog. remember dog lovers-the first bite is free.
FlavioSuave: How many times have you stepped on human waste? One time? Two times? NEVER?

I’ve stepped on countless piles of dog and cat poop in my lifetime, and I just LIVE seeing those dog poop bags littering our streets, forests and beaches.

Dogs and cats ARE gross. Sorry, bud-bud!
Correction: I just *LOVE seeing...
Just trip them next time.
Next time trip them.