Fuck Your Hazy IPAs


You probably drop a load in your drawers on the regular sipping some obscure Lambic style fruit beer from a producer with 86 consonants and five umlauts in its name, I/A, yet here you are raging on hazy IPAs because they're fruity. Don't like them? Don't drink them. It's just another one of the hundreds of styles of beers. You're probably one of those people who stops liking something not because your taste actually changed, but because it got "too popular" and a large part of your self-identity is considering yourself "edgy" or "non-mainstream." Ironic thing is, there are thousands of identical, boring fuckers just like you all over the place.
Yes. Late the hate flow through you.

I hate those fucking NE IPAs and beer trends in general. It'd be a lot more palatable if whatever the beer of the moment was didn't occupy half+ of the shelf space or taplist. Fine, get in on the trend, but can we keep more staples around for those of us who don't want to drink 15 different interpretations of something that tastes like a shandy that wasn't bottled correctly?
Nothing is less meaningful than a person's opinion on beer.
Drink less beer, drink more whiskey
Right on, Nex...everybody's got one, and most of them stink...just like assholes!
time to quit drinking.