So, one day a car pulls up in front of my house. Another person pulls up and tries to jump start it. They leave and come back to try again. They leave again and leave the vehicle unlocked, it's a Mercedes in decent condition. Then, a month rolls by, I being patient. I file the abandoned car with Portland. Then another month rolls by. People occasionally leave the vehicles doors open or the trunk popped up (which became a permanent broken fixture). A city car pulls up and leaves a notice on the vehicle. A few days later or so the "owner" shows up, reads the blue notice, tosses it on the ground, sits in the car (maybe to remove the stereo) and then leaves. Another month rolls by, then another. At this point I have a desire to take a bat to it but...don't want to attract the wrong element. Fed up, I get the automatic out of park with the friendly help of youtube. Pushing it down the st to the edge of my property I get it ready. In the very early morning hours I roll it down the st and leave it in the intersection happy that it will finally be towed. The next morning it was back up the st blocking my neighbors driveway. Some good samaritan thought it must be theirs. Inquiries came my way, I played dumb. That evening after dinner I again put it in the intersection determined. Tried to lock it but unfortunately you need the key. It was gone in an hour. Thank you city! Now I know what to do next time.