20 is Plenty


I think the law actually has changed to 20mph in residential areas. It's not just a Nextdoor campaign.

But my god are those signs obnoxious. Right up there with those self-congratulatory "we accept everyone" signs. No one cares, Linda. No one thought you were anti-muslim. Who could with your long-winded Facebook novellas on the subject?
It would be easier to just add another zero on to the end of the "20," depending on how many signs there are.
This is precisely why we need to hire more police.
And what exactly was the reason for the speed reduction? How many people were actually killed on the streets that used to have a 25mph limit? The solution didn't solve the problem of pedestrian and cyclist deaths that actually occur on multi-lane, high traffic, through streets. It wasn't a problem in most of those neighborhoods.
In fact the only time it became a problem on the side streets was when they pushed enacted a "ROAD DIET" on the through streets that pushed traffic onto the side streets.
If you hit me in your car going 20, I'll probably live. If you're going faster than 25 If you think you need to go faster than 20 on a residential street, you fucked up and left too late, and those extra MPH won't save you but a few seconds. A report released last year showed pedestrian deaths had increased 11% over the prior year, google it. And grow the fuck up.
,,,guess I couldn't face the thought of my own death. I meant to say, "If you're going faster than 25, I probably won't." And you still need to grow the fuck up.
To "Infant Behind a Wheel":

Tell it to the judge during your vehicular manslaughter trial.

Raising or lowering the speed limit in residential zones I'm afraid won't make a difference. I live along a residential road that the 20 mph is constantly abused with speeds up over 35 mph...all because some asshats can't remeber to leave the house on time to be somewhere. Private vehicles, city vehicles...doesn't matter.
I'm headed to a city council meeting to propose ticketing for DWBTB: Driving while being tantrum-baaby.
Fewer ppl would go over the speed limit if others weren't going under. 25 mi/hr in a 30-35 zone feels like going in reverse. After a while the road rage builds. Ppl stop to let oncoming traffic take a left, car gaps the size of Lake Michigan, parking trolls scouting openings at 5 mi/hr... It's enough to make one want to smash everything into little tiny pieces.