You're Not a Chef


You sound like the kind of asshole that's more concerned about being acknowledged as correct than anything else.
Many very skilled jobs require years of education but do not require a degree. That training results in the skilled workers who show up at the houses of those folks with BAs, BSs, MSs, MAs and even PHD's, and charge them hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix, replace or install complex system to heat, cool, irrigate or remove waste from those same homes.
Such a trifle issue to be concerned with.

The title is outdated and so are the hierarchical systems people like you try to keep alive. If an artist goes to school for 8 years, gets a masters degree, and works a non-art day job, that doesn't make them not an artist.

And for FWIW, there are a lot of restaurants who employ a "head-chef" and load them with managerial duties. They might spend a lot of time writing a menu that makes ownership happy, but the rest of the time they are arguing with vendors, trying to lower overhead, writing schedules, dealing with staff issues, ordering consumable supplies - basically a lot of "restaurant manager" duties.

When I meet some tried and true "chef" who seems completely miserable I know why, because they aren't cooking with passion and they aren't in the trenches with the cook staff, and by the end of the night they're so overwhelmed with the pressure put on them they make a frozen macaroni in the microwave and watch hells-kitchen reruns.
Yes, Chef.