I need to find a low cost way to avoid using the kitchen. She's just always there. Half of her time is spent arguing and complaining about menial shit. When she's trying to play nice, she gets right in my face so she can talk to me about all the wrong things at all the wrong times. "You're sure getting up early today." No shit. I work in the morning two days out of the week, like all the weeks preceding it. Do you really have to just stand there and watch me eat my breakfast? Because I fucking hate this. Don't stand so close to me. You don't have to engage with me every time I walk by.
It's not a crime to want to be alone. If you're so interested in talking to me, maybe pay attention to what kind of person I am. If you don't respect my space, you don't respect me. If you don't respect me, don't talk to me.
Gotta blame myself first. I'm the only thing I can control. Should have done better in school.
I'm just so hungry right now. This is stupid