Geriatric Goths


An I,A I agree with?! What diablerie is this?!
It's just time marching on. We all hit an age where the easy warmth of nostalgia becomes our way of reminding ourselves that we, too, were once vital and alive. So the people who are now in their 40s are came of age in the 80s and thus are doing that aesthetic. Their parents were probably doing the same shit with Hendrix/Dylan/Beatles. And their parents Elvis, Orbison, Cooke? Well shit. "The decline of american music" indeed.

You too, I/A, will probably do this one day, if you aren't already. Maybe you'll start a grunge revival. Or a rediscovery of Avril Lavigne.

What's truly horrifying is imagining the children of today in their 40s doing this with their shitty music. Fortunately the music industry will be completely dead before the trap revival of 2040.
Just let people live their lives, damn! Take some vitamin D bb, sounds like you have the SAD. Not the goth type but the seasonal depression type k?
One day you'll be old. Unless you die first. Why care so much about what geriatric goths are doing? How about giving a shit about something that actually matters, like say, the whack job in the White House, the fact that Congress hasn't passed the budget for FY 2018 (should have been done 9/30/2017), law enforcement murders of black people, daily mass shootings at schools, climate change, something, anything where you can actually take action and maybe do something instead of railing against aging which is all there is (except death). And if you prefer all of these geriatric goths were dead? Well, when you're a geriatric whatever you are, I'm sure someone out there will be railing against you and wishing you dead, too.