To the person who left a bag of Safeway groceries at the SE 46th & Safeway bus stop, I’m sorry and thank you. I’m sorry you spent $24 to have a lovely Monday evening at home. But you stepped on the bus and walked away from your bag. The dozen long stemmed red roses you picked out were gorgeous. You found a perfectly ripe avocado, a can of jalapeño peppers and a six pack of hard cider with a skull logo. Maybe that bag was a kiss and make-up bag you were going to enjoy with your significant other? Maybe that bag was all for you, and you decided you needed to have a me-party on a Monday evening, after a gorgeous pre-spring day of sunshine?

I hung out by the bag in the bus stop, looking around to see if there was anyone to claim the bag. Nobody seemed to notice me or the bag. I asked a woman getting on the bus if this grocery bag was hers. It wasn’t. She shouted into the bus, to her fellow boarding passengers, if anyone forgot a grocery bag. Nobody did.

After dinner, I went over to Safeway & went to the help desk. The lady looked up the club card number on the receipt, but there was no name or phone number linked to the card. So I returned the jalapeños & hard cider, bought some expensive nasal decongestant for my son and went home.