Hey jackass, you embarrassed us—and yourself. You're the bartender who offhandedly joked with me and my date about his brother's womanizing: “Meets them for one date, second date, sleeps with them, then on to someone new. You know, three dates and done.” Dude, WE WERE ON OUR SECOND DATE. We somehow anxiously shrugged it off as we made plans for our third, but hey, learn to read a room! Your antiquated Third Date Rule banter rang out as staggeringly tone-deaf, more than very misogynistic, and unfortunately ratcheted up the pressure in an already delicate end-of-the-second-date situation. Maybe you've forgotten that dating is scary and hard and really, really fraught? It remains to be seen if he and I will seal the deal on our third, but either way I won't suggest any more nightcaps at your bar, no matter which date it is.