Yeah you, prancing around topless in every bouldering and rock climbing gym in Portland, how do you convince yourself that anyone wants to see your man boobies? Is it because you feel sexy? Just like every rube in a jack shak?

Rubbing our noses in your male privilege is grotesque, bruh, not appealing to anyone else but your self absorbed selfish selfy self. Nobody wants your hard on nipples flapping their face.

You ain’t so purdy dude, your self conscious arrogant bluster doesn’t hide your lousy insecure posture. You are way too flabby, except where you are too skinny or bulbous; too hairy, too bald, poorly manicured, foofy metrosexual. Where do you get off deluding yourself that you are so hip and woke? Oh yeah, in your own hand.

Here you are, making up rules to force on everyone else, to suit yourself, fucking sociopath. Your entitlement needs an acid bath to get the smell of smegma off of it.

You are such a basic dupe to believe that anyone will love you for making more money than them. Everyone knows you didn’t earn it, that it was given to you. Nobody loves a cheater. We are resentful. We hate you for taking advantage of system that keeps us down.

Try developing some fucking empathy. Learn some actual considerate love skills instead of trying to buy it. Level the fucking playing field to make sure your female and POC peers get paid as well as you, and that your employees get their fair share of $ and opportunities. Real love and respect only occurs between equals.

And put a gaddamn shirt on; wandering around half naked is rude as fuck. Blech.