When I was 21 I had sex with three minor females. Two of them were 14. One was 13. At the time I thought they were 17. That's what they told me.
It was as late 2008.
Had I been paying attention, I would have seen a lot of signs that this was not the truth. I am responsible for my actions.
I wish there was something I could do. I've done my time. Treatment. Probation. A bunch of polygraph tests. Paid my debts. Took whatever jobs I could. Went back to school for a while. It looked like I might someday become like a regular person again.
I don't really think that's ever going to happen. There will be no rehabilitation or recovery for me.
I did a very bad thing and no amount of good deeds or clean living will take that away.
Filling out rental applications knowing what will happen. The public would tell me to kill myself. They'd say they should have never let me out.
I will always an other. I will always be less valuable. A toxic, negative force in your community.
I wrote a petition last year asking for civil commitment. I even gave it to a few people.
I wanted to believe that I wouldn't have to define myself by my crimes forever. But you will always do that for me.
I'm sorry for what I've done. Not enough actions or words to prove it.