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That's the thing, men love to stick their penises in anything and anyone, but god forbid you have to pay the price for it. Fucking children is a crime and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Sucks for you. Sucks worse for the children you raped. And yes, when a child is a child they cannot consent to sex. Suck it up, asshole. No sympathy for you or anyone like you, ever.


13-15 is hardly a child. When I was that age I would jumped for glee if some 21 year old chick banged me.

Yup, I'm a dude, but the mentality doesn't change. At some point - I'm gonna say about 60 years ago when religious white men were changing a bunch of laws - this overt control over female sexuality was ingrained in society to the point where even "feminists" are preaching "but teenage girls can't possibly want to have sex."

Get the fuck out of here with that. For every teen girl not acting on impulses, theirs another one looking for dick. Women are sexual beings too, and that's not isolated to 18 and plus. This guy made a big mistake, shouldn't have acted on it. But assuming he didn't rape them - like in the aggravated rape type way - it's not that difficult to imagine this mistake happening, and I'm certainly not going to view the girls as victims.


*waiting for the blast to come


I guess I am in the minority here in thinking that, ideally, a criminal justice system in a free democracy should be about reform and redemption with a view towards the perp one day productively rejoining society... rather than just endless, christian punishment that creates a permanent underclass, benefiting no one (save perhaps the private prison industry and police unions). There is a case to be made that some truly horrific murderers, etc. are perhaps beyond redemption and never going to be able to rejoin society. I have no idea if I/A is in that category or not, I guess I'm just saying there exists a possibility that he is not, and that these things are complicated.


@4 It's about legal reality, not your precious opinion or beliefs.

Yes some teenage girls want to have sex. When I was 12 my 13 year old boyfriend wanted to fuck me. I said I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. Other men wanted to fuck me before I turned 18 and I wanted to fuck some people myself. I managed to restrain myself until I was 18, could make consensual decisions (though that did not prevent me from making bad decisions, I did not make illegal ones with regard to with whom I had sex).

It doesn't matter if underage girls want to fuck. If you are so-called ADULT (over the age of 18) and you fuck someone who is 13, the law is that is rape. Period. This is not a matter of semantics or anything else. Male or female, same rules apply. Personal opinions and horny young people are irrelevant with regard to this conversation.


The issue is we don't know the details of this case. I don't, you don't. You seem to think it's cut and dry and based on your comments I'm guessing you place a lot of credence in our justice system. Problem with statutory rape law is it removes most (if not all) what-ifs. The ages of the two people and the age gap are all that's needed for conviction - and MAYBE the what-ifs come into play with sentencing.

For example, consider these hypothetical news headlines:

-21 year old man arrested after meeting 13 year old girl online and arranging to have sex
-13 year old girl raped by man in park
-intoxicated man has sexual relations with 13 year old girl, says he didn't know
-Man in jail after parents discovered 13 year old daughter in consensual relationship with him
-13 year old girl admits she lied about her age, 21 year old man convicted of statutory rape

They are all bad for him. He broke the law. He should have known better. Okay, we get it. But depending on the situation, I really don't agree that a person should be buried with joblessness and homelessness AFTER serving out a sentence and likely lifelong probation strictly restricting his access to certain features of civilization. You are proving his point. The moment someone learns the news, they say fuck him he did something wrong and he has to own up for that.

but I ask you, what exactly does one to take that back? It's a common thread and you're perpetuating it. Spend x amount of months/years in jail, pay fees, attend treatment, have a PO officer, check in monthly, never go near schools, never go to public places where minors congregate. What more do you and society need from the person? Certainly making it difficult to find work and a home isn't going to fix anything for this individual - so are you proposing that any sexual infraction mandate a life sentence?


You are heavily invested defending in sexual predators. Again, it doesn't matter what my opinion is (about the so-called justice system, law enforcement, or anything else), all emotion is to be removed from this conversation. He had sex with underage people, was punished for it, and suffers repercussions still (and probably will for his entire life). That is the way it is. Believe things should be different? Work to change the laws. I have many opinions about many things, but they don't matter when it comes to what the law currently is or how I wish society was vs. how it actually is. Seems you should befriend the IA writer and do everything you can to make his life better. That would be more productive than this conversation. I am done here.


*in defending sexual predators.


Yeah I'm defending sexual predators. Exactly what I'd expect from a shut in who can't go a day without defending thugs getting shot by cops in Amerikkka. "That is the way it is..." Yeah I'll remember that the next time you're on here blasting the government for fucked up policies jailing minorities - I'll be the one to say "but they are disproportionately breaking the fucking law, just the way it is."

And why you so mad santoslhalper, I haven't said anything to defend the person outside of pointing out that none of you know the circumstances and making societal survival an impossibility is not the same thing as rehabilitating a person. All I've said is "hey maybe the law isn't perfect and maybe some gray area exists." If you want to get triggered by a simple opinion - which I said he was wrong several times - and then say fuck me for existing, then you need to offer something a bit more clever in your reasoning. I asked what I believe to be an important question. We convict people for crimes all the time for many things - I'm not accepting or agreeing with the crimes, hell I'll even offer that the conviction was probably conservative - but what good are we doing to anyone by forcing the person through so much red tape that they cannot assimilate back into a functional community? You didn't answer that. You could have, but instead chose to suck fuck me for existing. Gold star for you


lol @ my typo. or maybe it was a freudian slip. Who knows, go suck fuck yourself.


I will agree with your whoops statement tgtb. It is difficult to say but what if with three fuck ups.


Honestly Santos, I'll agree my first statement was fucking stupid. I'm mature enough to admit that sometimes I say stupid things. You however have yet to prove anything besides how triggered you are, considering all you can do is hypothesize about my lifestyle, penis size, and image. Good for you. I'm done debating the topic and I'll go on being a productive human being who in fact offers good things to the world instead of body shaming people on the internet while also pretending to be a feminist in other threads. I don't have enough gold stars to give you for your tactfulness.


Wow ok so I in no way read all of the above shit slinging festival but I will say that as a 13 year old girl I was "deflowered" by a dude who was probably much older than the 16 that he claimed to be. It wasn't romantic and it wasn't a good experience but it was a choice I made and it didn't scar me or turn me into a hollow shell of a human being. I'm not saying this IA isn't gross/creepy, I'm just saying that I was capable of making my own choices at 13. I knew my virginity wasn't going to last long and I just wanted to get it over with. What did scar me was the highly dysfunctional family I grew up in, and me having sex at that age was more a symptom of that than the cause of anything. If it wasn't him it would have been someone else. So context does matter, as doomtown pointed out.


And k.lee saves the conversation! Damn straight 13 year olds can make their own decisions. You know who else can? 21 year olds. I have been chased by a few teens that were too young for me legally tho full grown and definitely knew what they wanted, and the answer was always the same: call me when you're 18. You knew godamn well those girls were under age and now you're whining because you fucked up when you should have kept it in your pants. You were an adult taking advantage of children. Your excuse that they lied about their age makes about as much sense as letting a dog hump your leg and then having sex with it because "he wanted it".


Again, it doesn't matter what people feel personally or if they fucked someone when they were 13. Whatever your personal opinion or experience, current law is having sex with someone under the age of consent = rape and the rapist gets punished and the IA writer is whining about being punished for fucking underage girls. We all make decisions in life and those of us who make decisions that violate the law and get caught and get punished have to deal with the consequences.

Every day there are horrific stories of how men have raped infants (usually killing them in the process); elderly men luring 6 year olds into their homes to fuck them; teenagers fucking and killing little kids; fathers/uncles/brothers/friends of the family raping children for years; and the list goes on and on and on and on so, really, IDGAF about horny young people and the older people who fuck them and are marked as sexual predators for the rest of their lives. And AGAIN, my opinion doesn't matter - the only thing that matters is the current law. Seems like all the people pro child fucking on this comment board should make it their life's work to fight for the rights of pedophiles and child fuckers and all so-called grown-ups who like to have sex with children and young teenagers and anyone and everyone under the age of consent. You all sure are invested in it.


I wasn't condoning this kind of behavior. I do think it should be illegal and I am glad that there are laws in place. I just pointed out that context matters because it does. We don't know what the context is around IA's situation but losing our shit over the mere suggestion that it is possible that he has learned from his mistakes seems a bit extremist, regardless of how much social capital is gained by doing so.


And my feelings do matter. That's kind of what this place is all about. It's a place to vent, not a legal primer.


Santos, I agree with you. I just think that your long-winded posts about how people "should" be are irrelevant and uneccessary. Because in case you haven't noticed people are going to be how they ARE, and your posts aren't going to change that. Meanwhile, context continues to matter.